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Unison Education

As we move towards a more knowledge-based society, there is an increasing demand for education at all levels. Unison Education specializes in the area of lifelong learning programmes geared at equipping school leavers and adults with real world skills so that they can successfully compete in the new global environment.

Over the past 5 years Unison has been in the forefront of the delivery of consultancy services primarily in the areas of education and information and communication technology (ICT).  Through its strategic alliances Unison Global has been involved in the development of ICT standards for students and teachers in several Caribbean states as well as the training of over 1,000 individuals. We have also developed websites and electronic media for companies ranging from environmental agencies to entertainment companies.

Knowledge Management

Our services to the education sector are centred on the theme of knowledge management. Knowledge Management is the collection of processes that govern the creation, dissemination, and utilisation of knowledge.

In practice, knowledge management often encompasses identifying and mapping intellectual assets within the organization, generating new knowledge for competitive advantage within the organization, making vast amounts of corporate information accessible, sharing of best practices, and technology that enables all of the above - including groupware and intranets.

Information practices and learning strategies associated with knowledge management are gaining acceptance in the field of education. Most educational institutions have some type of information management system in place, but several barriers make it difficult to use and share data and information effectively.  Similarly, most educational institutions have invested in a technological system, but are finding that merely having technology does not necessarily improve the decision making process. One of the primary benefits of Knowledge Management is that it actively addresses both the technology culture and the information culture at an institution, and seeks to advance both simultaneously, through improvement in the use and sharing of data and information in decision making.

At Unison Education we utilise three main knowledge management tools:

Other Education Services

At Unison Education we are committed to helping educators, schools and businesses and other institutions get the most out of their technology dollars in four interconnected areas:

Standards Development
Unison Education has been involved in the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards for students, teachers and adult education.

We create exciting solutions for schools for the effective integration of ICT into your curriculum. We can help with curriculum planning, even down to working with individual teachers on actual lessons.

Professional Development
Once your goals are set and tools are selected and installed, you want to ensure that your staff is fully prepared to implement your plans. Targeted training for individuals, small groups, or large groups can get you to your goals.

Consultative Support
Consultative support offers informal site-based support activities performed throughout the year to monitor and help teachers as they learn and grow with technology. As teachers are learning to integrate the technology with their classroom instruction, they will have many questions and needs which arise. Consultative support services allow administrators, teachers, technology coordinators, subject area specialists, or lab managers to have their individual needs met "just in time".


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