Author: Kaitlyn Wells

What Can You Buy On The Marketplace?

The most successful products and services procured on the marketplace always follow the rule of the 3 C’s. This rule states that successful acquisitions will have clear specifications for what is being purchased, a competitive supply base that can be engaged to provide pricing and a large enough quantity to make it a compelling spend. These three factors describe the majority of the goods and services Buyers procure for their organizations each year. Here three examples of such procurements made on Unison Marketplace.

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How Mature is Your Contracts Organization?

How mature is your contracts organization?  Are you using paper files, spreadsheets, or a compliant contract management system fully integrated with your ERP and CRM?

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Comparison of Approaches to Contract Management

Generic contract software, ERP bolt-ons, and home grown contracting technologies have proven: 

time consuming, and
lacking core requirements of government contracting.

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The Value of Risk Mitigation

In 2016, DOD IG drove:

48 arrests
171 criminal charges
81 debarments
$1.5 billion in settlements for the government

DCAA, GSA, and agency IGs and COs drove numerous other penalties and settlements.  

Most firms have the goal of “increasing compliance,” but the representative business case below should help shed some light on the true value of risk mitigation.

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Contract Management System ROI

When it comes to making an investment decision in software and other tools, the C-level executives, especially the CFO, want to clearly understand return on investment (ROI). Demonstrating lost productivity by tracking hours spent on tasks that can easily be automated is a key step.

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