Unison’s latest product, FARclause.com, can help prime contractors and subcontractors better understand their contracts and ensure clauses are applicable. FARClause.com allows government contractors the ability to search and compare clauses from the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) and other agency FAR supplements, all in one place.


What can FARClause do for you?

  • Efficiently search and analyze FAR, DFARS, and other agency clauses and provisions
  • Quickly extract and validate clauses from RFPs and contracts
  • Analyze risks and identify departments responsible for mitigating risks
  • Determine which clauses should flow-down from prime contractors to subcontractors


How does it work?

Paste text from RFPs and Contracts into the FAR Magic Extractor and let our site instantly retrieve clauses with versions and alternates. Perform risk applicability analysis and generate proper subcontractor flow-downs. No need to type, scribble on paper, or waste your time on deciphering the FAR Matrix!


Get started today by visiting http://www.farclause.com/ and try it for free, request a demo, or sign up.


Start now: https://farclause.com/Payment