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The ABCs of BPAs and IDIQs

Defining BPAs A Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), or “charge account,” is an “agreement” between the government and a contractor. BPAs are typically used when the government anticipates requirements for supplies or services on a recurring basis or does not know the exact items, quantities, or delivery requirements. The BPA contains pre-negotiated terms and conditions that […]

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Market Research 101 for Contracting Officers

The best market research is based on actual procurements. With the recent improved visibility into federal spending, why is the value so limited for market research? Most solutions rely on NAICS or PSC search results, but the real value comes from line-item level (Level 3) data. By understanding market research at the core, you will be able to use it to find qualified vendors, including small business and other set-asides and arrive at the most appropriate acquisition approach.

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FY21 Unison Marketplace Snapshot

The year 2021 was busy for federal agencies. Now that fiscal year 2021 contract awards have settled, we wanted to share with you a snapshot of the success we’ve seen on the Marketplace. Get the full report for more stats, pro tips, information on competition and PALT, product and service examples, and more!

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Unison Marketplace’s New Source Selection Feature

No, price is not the only factor in evaluating Reverse Auction responses.

Reverse auctions are known for providing buyers with lower prices. A misconception of reverse auctions can be that the lowest price vendor receives the award. Price is just one factor in any evaluation, and the same is true when a reverse auction is used. Automating price negotiation allows buyers to negotiate more buys than otherwise and allows them more time for key procurement decisions, such as the award evaluation. 

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Save Time with Seller Attachment Requirements

Throughout the year, the Unison Marketplace team works diligently to create enhanced capabilities to support you and your team. Based on feedback from our Buyers, Unison Marketplace has added a function where vendors will no longer be able to submit a bid on your requirement if they have not attached all required documents.

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