It’s a new year and our office is buzzing. With FY2018 marketplace actions officially closed out, we wanted to share with you a few of our top statistics. First and foremost, we’d like to thank our Buyers for posting over 17,000 buys with more than $1.2B in transaction volume through the Marketplace. In addition, we would like to thank the more than 88,000 Sellers who actively bid well over 250,000 times throughout the year!

Top Categories

Year-over-year our top categories remain fairly consistent—proof that requirements posted under these works well on the Marketplace.

  1. IT Equipment – $539M+ in transaction volume and $75M+ in savings
  2. Subsistence – $90M+ in transaction volume and $21M+ in savings
  3. Communication Equipment – $55M+in transaction volume and $5M+ in savings

Top Services

Simple services posted through the Marketplace is on the rise, as Buyers realize how easy and successful it is to compete them.

  1. IT and Telecom – $86M+ in transaction volume and $9M+ in savings
  2. Lease and Rental of Equipment – $17M+ in transaction volume and $4M+ in savings
  3. Housekeeping Services – $17M+ in transaction volume and $3M+ in savings

While these were the most widely-seen categories and services on the Marketplace, there are several other categories which are a good fit. Learn more about what types of requirements can be posted to the Marketplace here. Buyers can also utilize our Marketplace Research Tool to see if others have used the Marketplace the compete similar requirements.

Top Set-Asides

Year after year, the percentage of contracts awarded to Small Businesses through our Marketplace continues to increase. In FY18 over 93% of Contracts went to Small Businesses—that’s more than $1 Billion into the hands of Small Businesses around the country.

  1. Women-Owned Businesses received 24.4% of awarded Contracts
  2. Minority-Owned Businesses received 23.8% of awarded Contracts
  3. Service-Disabled Businesses received 23.1% of awarded Contracts
  4. Women-Owned Small Businesses received 20.7% of awarded Contracts
  5. Veteran-Owned Small Businesses received 14.5% of awarded Contracts

*Please note, some companies may fall under multiple set-aside categories.

Top Blogs

Don’t miss a beat this year! Stay tuned with our weekly blog highlighting new features, useful tools, and tips and tricks for both Buyers and Sellers.

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