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Are repetitive tasks and tedious research taking up most of your day? Unison’s new tool, Market Research Assistant, uses Robotic Process Automation to speed up your market research process and leave you with more time to focus on the important analysis that only you can do. Think of Market Research Assistant (MRA) as your own personal assistant. Assign it a task, send it off, and get back to the higher-value work on your desk.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a form of business process automation based on artificial intelligence. RPA is used to automate otherwise manual tasks. “Bots” communicate across systems while interpreting trigger responses to perform repetitive tasks. Unison harnesses the power of robotic process automation to tackle time consuming aspects of market research and simplify it.


Unison MRA Overview

Market Research Assistant is powered by Unison’s comprehensive data and analytical capabilities, helping you save time and energy. It is supported by the deep pool of contracting experts at Unison. We have the most comprehensive data on Category Management across all tiers, neatly reconciled for each vendor. We focus on the whole workflow, to avoid exposing 1102s to a confusing set of overlapping solutions.

How Can I Save Time with Unison MRA?

  • Automate research and receive data from multiple sources with multiple views so that you can focus on high-value work.
  • Obtain ready access to vendor details, including BIC status, Small Business status and FAPIIS data.
  • Gain a more collectively exhaustive research data set in less than half the time it takes manually.
  • Quickly make your vendor responsibility determinations in minutes.

How Can I Maintain Compliance with Unison MRA?

  • Receive standard contract file documentation that satisfies FAR and Agency requirements.
  • Increase compliance and adherence to agency processes.
  • MRA resides within a FedRAMP Secure site. Access it from a variety of Unison gateways, such as the Unison Marketplace, PRISM and the Virtual Acquisition Office (VAO).
  • Ensure mandatory sources, as well as other sources, are accounted for and are at the level of your agency’s requirements.
  • Reduce the variance of results and minimize the risk of poor research with AI-led standardized practice.

How Does Unison MRA Work?

When using MRA you will enter in search criteria in the search words field, as well as a title and select which sites you want to search. You can search for both products and services. Use the list of filters to help target your search. Once you submit these fields MRA will take care of searching the sites for you. You can resume your normal day knowing that the results will be in hand soon in the form of reports. Once the report is ready, you’ll get an e-mail with the links to the results. MRA automates an otherwise time-consuming process. It not only simplifies searching the site, it builds reports, records, and gathers all the information that you will need as a part of that contract file.

Unison MRA harnesses RPA technology to automate tedious and repetitive tasks so that you can remain focused on higher-value mission objectives. Find out more about a subscription to Market Research Assistant by clicking the button below.