How mature is your contracts organization?  Are you using paper files, spreadsheets, or a compliant contract management system fully integrated with your ERP and CRM?

Take a look at the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Maturity Model to see where you fall.


It is time to get out of the Dark Ages and introduce your organization to some of the capabilities of Unison CLM, including:

  • Tables to capture indirect rate ceilings and available/earned Award Fees
  • Track Letter Agreements, other Undefinitized Contract actions as well as at risk funding
  • Track level of effort by CLIN/SLIN or contract level
  • Capture all contract information for GSA Schedules, including:
  • Revenue data capture by Project ID to include ability to set notifications based on percentage of funds expended
  • Identify internal and external Points of Contract relevant to the contractor’s role on the award