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Jeff Duncan

VP Product Operations
Jeff Duncan Vice President of Product Operations
Mr. Duncan serves as the Vice President of Product Operations and is responsible for the development, delivery, and support of Unison’s software solutions.


Mr. Duncan leads the development of Unison’s software products including the Insight Platform, the foundation of Unison’s software suites, incorporating Robotic Process Automation into the distributed apps and bots bringing new capabilities to market faster by leveraging CI/CD and other automated processes.

His leadership is instrumental in assisting federal clients migrating from traditional client-site annual maintenance software arrangements to a cloud-based subscription/SaaS delivery model as part of Unison’s commitment to government IT modernization goals.

Continuous integration and deployment means that our clients can more quickly reap the benefits of RPA-based feature improvements and new apps.

Jeff Duncan, VP Product Operations

Prior to joining Unison, Mr. Duncan served as the Vice President of Development at Deltek and oversaw the GovWin business unit’s software products. Mr. Duncan led the re-architecture of Agility, a media workflow-based product, to deliver best-in-class systems for large business customers for Grab Networks.

Mr. Duncan is a graduate of James Madison University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.


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