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Paul Edelmann

GM Commercial, Content and Commerce 
Paul Edelmann General Manager

Mr. Edelmann leads Unison teams that provide customers with commercial enterprise software, syndicated premium content, and the Marketplace.

Mr. Edelmann chairs the CLM User Advisory Council, a set of seasoned GovCon Contracts executives modernizing their companies’ contracts ecosystems using Unison CLM. Launched in 2010 and fostered and refined by an active user community, Unison CLM has been the wise choice made by leading Contracts executives in the nation’s largest contractors.

He heads the Virtual Acquisition Office (VAO), which provides more than 40,000 federal contracting professionals with material and imperative guidance through daily abstracts, whitepapers, events, and specialized toolkits. As a result of continuous innovation and collaboration with users, VAO’s community has grown rapidly for years.

The Marketplace team led by Mr. Edelmann is the ecommerce platform used by more than 200,000 federal buyers and business professionals in full compliance with all applicable regulations. Thousands of new buyers and sellers join Unison Marketplace every year to take advantage of an expanding set of vital capabilities.

In addition, Mr. Edelmann leads Unison’s software business that delivers the world’s most advanced cost-engineering capabilities to clients. Unison enables world-leading companies and institutions to quickly, accurately estimate the cost of large and complex projects – from major weapon systems to software-based operating systems for today’s most sophisticated automobiles.

He is also the executive responsible for Unison’s Marketing team and led the company’s rebranding from Compusearch to Unison, as well as rebranding efforts for companies acquired by Unison.

Our strategy is to grow as a result of well-earned referrals from our customers.

Paul Edelmann, GM Commercial, Content and Commerce 

Before joining Unison, Mr. Edelmann was the Executive Director for CEB Gartner’s Strategy, Finance, Procurement, and R&D business units. Previously, he was the VP of Corporate Strategy and New Product Development for MCI. He was a Fuqua Scholar at Duke, where he earned his Master of Business Administration, and class valedictorian at the University of Maryland, where he studied Decision and Computer Sciences.



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