Preempt issues and automate tedious tasks.

Unison Administration provides a wide range of vital benefits, including support for Procurement Management Reviews (PMRs), fraud prevention and detection, and robotic process automation (RPA) to automate tedious, time consuming tasks.

Ensure reviews are thorough and effective without requiring weeks of exhausting preparation

Institute controls that prevent fraud and capabilities that highlight potential fraud

Boost morale and productivity by protecting staff from voluminous, intricate mods, corrections, and closeouts

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Key features

Unison Administration uses the latest data-mining, AI, and RPA technologies to give acquisition teams powerful reporting and analytical capabilities.

  • Unison’s PMR provides workspace(s) based on line of inquiry, review or audit
  • Associate necessary contracts and contract folders for review (by region, by type of procurement, by $ amount, by multiple criteria, etc.)
  • Agency determines appropriate number of PMR workspace templates to support agency organizational requirements
  • Unison’s Closeout and Bulk Mods automatically create SF-30s, mods, validations, approval routings, de-obligations, and FPDS-NG records
  • Data-mining, AI, and RPA to power fraud controls, predictive analytics, and alerts


Extend your capabilities.

Learn about modules in the Unison Acquisition Administration package.

Bulk Mods

Bulk Mods automates the time-consuming process of administrative type modifications to awards in a bulk process.

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Closeout automates the otherwise time consuming, exacting, manual processes of closing out contracts. Using the power of technology, acquisition professionals can free-up funds quickly, allowing them to focus their attention on complex closeouts and other strategic work.

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PMR provides acquisition professionals, managers, and executives a robust, proven approach, utilities, and reports for ensuring reviews are thorough and effective–without requiring weeks of tedious preparation.

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