Drive accurate federal acquisition planning and package development.

Unison Accelerator enables program and technical leaders to collaborate easily with acquisition professionals to shorten lead time by accurately completing acquisition plans and packages.

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Enable mission program offices to accurately complete procurement requirements and planning documentation

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Establish collaboration between program and acquisition offices

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Programs receive goods and services faster

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Reduce Procurement Action Lead Time (PALT)

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Key features

Unison Accelerator provides tools to efficiently guide the program office through each step of the process and keeps stakeholders informed on the progress of the activity.

  • Guide staff to create FAR and agency-based acquisition plans/forms based on what needs to be acquired ($ size, R&D, GWAC, etc )
  • Workspace(s) for collaboration based on planned acquisition with necessary templates, documents and guides
  • Agency determines appropriate number of workspace templates to support agency award types and unique organizational requirements
  • Ability to include and define a consolidated package document that incorporates the key pieces required for the plan (e.g. plan form, business case, SOW/PWS, IGCE, etc.)
  • Integrated Project Teams (IPT) manage access rights and provide for collaboration between the program and acquisition office
  • Milestone creation and ability to track through procurement
  • Roll-up individual acquisition budgets for program planning
  • Track budgets to obligated and invoiced costs
  • Complete process for approving plan and package
  • Page-level guidance can be incorporated where needed
  • Ability to assign tasks and milestones to responsible parties
  • Notifications/alerts for upcoming tasks, milestones, status changes, missed due dates, completed actions, and more
  • Report on PALT and metrics
  • Ability to set up auto-assignment rules to pass the approved plan to the appropriate contracting team member

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