Complete, auditable, secure paperless interactions.

Unison FedConnect provides contract and financial assistance professionals a secure, full-lifecycle, auditable approach to interacting with vendors/grantees and complying with Paperless Contracting mandates.

Engage in full paperless interaction with your vendors and grantees

Implement a structured process for solicitation, Q&A and proposal, integrated with your electronic acquisition file

Receive electronic signatures on contract documents

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Waste less time on duplicative data entry, analysis, and reporting

Enable quick, effective responses to protests

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Key features

Unison FedConnect enables auditable communication and support throughout the acquisition and grant lifecycle.

  • Complies with all applicable federal security standards
  • Enables auditable, bi-directional communication
  • Message center that manages Q&A process with vendors
  • Supports Contracting Officers throughout the Acquisition lifecycle, including multi-stage competitions, IDIQs/BPAs and DO/TOs
  • Ability to receive post-award deliverables
  • Ability to receive grantee financial and performance reports
  • FedRAMP paperless vendor/grantee portal
  • Solicitation process augments FBO

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