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Accelerator Prime



Align Teams, Boost Productivity and Morale.

Accelerator Prime quickly and continually provides contract leaders a shared understanding of cost, schedule, performance and risk.

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Get accurate, intuitive views of budget, commitments, obligations and expenditures.

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Review progress versus key tasks, view resource assignments, deliver notifications whenever appropriate.

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Create detailed QA plans and record scheduled performance.

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Enable collaboration between all relevant stakeholders, including program staff, BD and finance.

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Key features

Accelerator Prime maintains a single version of the truth so that team members can quickly understand each aspect of the program and keep stakeholders apprised of progress.

Perfect, Affordable Fit

  • Configurable workspace(s) based on program type/category with necessary templates, task lists, milestones, documents and guides.


Easy to Learn and Use

  • Page level on-line guidance to enable the end user to understand the data.


Right Reports for Each Audience

  • Capture structured data for reporting and situational awareness.
  • Roll-up cost information from program to portfolio level.

Clarifies Team Structure and Roles

  • Establish Integrated Program Teams (IPT).
  • Ability to assign tasks and milestones to individuals or teams.


Weaves Together Existing Information

  • Link or interface to other tools and systems (e.g. CRM, CDRL, Financial systems).
  • Links to documents in existing repositories (e.g. SharePoint, websites, intranet).

Turnkey Document Management

  • Document templates to help standardize documents.
  • File structure to organize documents.
  • Workflow to enhance collaboration.
  • Ability to create consolidated packages for a range of objectives and subteam.


Extend your capabilities.

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Pre-Award captures and validates key information throughout the proposal process, provides an effective and readily auditable OCI vetting and mitigation process, and easily integrates with Salesforce and other CRM systems.

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Prime streamlines and automates all aspects of managing awards, including comprehensive support at the line-item level, turnkey clause updates and management for FAR, DFARS, and agency supplements, and ready integration with all modern financial systems.

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Subcontracts provides industry leading flowdown capability to minimize data entry, maximize data integrity and ensure compliance, deliver must-have CPSR workflows, folder structures, and checklists, and integrate with all modern financial systems.

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CDRL Prime

CDRL Prime provides contractors with an intuitive, highly automated, end-to-end approach to effectively manage data deliverables as a prime or subcontractor to include supplier data deliverables.

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Integration complements CLM’s SOA-compliant web services methods, providing mapping, queuing, and logging capabilities that accelerate and enhance integration options, especially for customers who want to avoid middleware licensing costs.

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Advanced Connector

Unison’s Advanced Connector provides enhanced integration capabilities between Unison CLM and other enterprise systems, including financial systems, sales, and opportunity tracking systems, business intelligence technologies, as well as automated purchasing and electronic signature solutions.

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Data Migration

Unison Data Migration (DM) solution dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to move headers, clauses, line items, and supporting documents into CLM.

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Marketplace Seller

Marketplace is a full-service online tool optimizing the way governments buy and vendors sell goods and services they need. Marketplace enables small and large companies to easily bid, win, and manage government contracts.

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