Simplifying the management of contractor data deliverables.

Unison CDRL Prime provides contractors with an intuitive, highly automated, end-to-end approach to effectively manage data deliverables as a prime or subcontractor to include supplier data deliverables.

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Greater visibility into data deliverable schedules to support improved delivery performance

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Higher efficiency in the management of supplier related data and deliverables

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Increased visibility into data submission approvals and resubmission requirements

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Real time reports and metrics provides visibility into status and performance

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Elimination of duplicative efforts and rework

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Key features

Unison CDRL Prime addresses supplier management, internal delta tracking, deliverable schedule management, document development/review, and approvals.

  • Central location to manage all supplier and contract deliverable data
  • Traceability into milestone related schedules and impacts
  • Quickly report on past due and forecasted deliverables
  • Quickly report on performance, quality, and approval of deliverables
  • Manage supplier due dates, purchase orders, and deliveries via a secure supplier portal
  • Direct, secure connection between the contractor and government system to interchange data, reducing volume of data entry
  • FedRAMP Moderate Authorized solution

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