Contract Lifecycle Management

Data Extraction.



Maintain up to date information from new awards and contract modifications. 

Unison Data Extraction significantly reduces the time and effort needed to keep current with new awards and contract modifications. It also simplifies the process to incorporate legacy data. 

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Save time through machine learning

Automatically extract printed text, handwriting, and other data including all clauses from scanned documents using the power of Amazon Textract.

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Minimize errors with automation

Data Vac toggle functions quickly grab data from contract documents to populate data fields.

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No other solution comes close to matching what Unison CLM does for the full lifecycle of tracking modifications and managing FAR clauses.”

– Vice President, Medium Engineering Firm

Key Features

CLM Data Extraction ensures a seamless, accurate update to Unison CLM of new awards, contract mods, and legacy data. Information doesn’t have to be keyed in manually or moved with custom scripts. 

  • Optical character recognition (OCR) extracts printed text, handwriting, and other data from scanned documents 
  • Automatically pulls all clauses from contract documents to push into CLM 
  • Automatically recognizes data such as Customer Name, CO, DPAS Rating, and Effective Date  
  • Automatically pulls CLIN data–both value and funding–from all CLIN types
  • Recognition of data elements eliminates the need to copy and paste or even drag and drop 
  • FedRAMP Moderate Authorized solution

Modules, Apps, and Bots

Extend your capabilities.

Learn about related modules in the Unison Contract Lifecycle Management suite.


Unison Pre-Award captures and validates key information throughout the proposal process, provides an effective and readily auditable OCI vetting and mitigation process, and easily integrates with Salesforce and other CRM systems.

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Unison Prime streamlines and automates all aspects of managing awards, including comprehensive support at the line-item level, turnkey clause updates and management for FAR, DFARS, and agency supplements, and ready integration with all modern financial systems. 

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Unison Subcontracts provides industry leading flowdown capability to minimize data entry, maximize data integrity and ensure compliance, deliver must-have CPSR workflows, folder structures, and checklists, and integrate with all modern financial systems.

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CDRL Prime

Unison CDRL Prime provides contractors with an intuitive, highly automated, end-to-end approach to effectively manage data deliverables as a prime or subcontractor to include supplier data deliverables.

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Unison CLM offers out-of-the box configurable APIs—providing mapping, queuing, and logging capabilities that accelerate and enhance integration options, especially for customers who want to avoid middleware licensing costs. 

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Advanced Connector

Unison’s Advanced Connector provides enhanced integration capabilities between Unison CLM and other enterprise systems, including financial systems, sales and opportunity tracking systems, business intelligence technologies, as well as automated purchasing and electronic signature solutions. 

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FARclause provides tools to help you comply with the FAR. Extract clauses from RFPs and contracts, validate dates, analyze risk, and generate mandatory flow down clauses relevant to your subcontractors.

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