Accelerated and enhanced integration. 

Unison CLM offers out-of-the box configurable APIsproviding mapping, queuing, and logging capabilities that accelerate and enhance integration options, especially for customers who want to avoid middleware licensing costs. 

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Reduce duplicate data entry across systems 

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Streamline cross-departmental processes

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Ensure accurate contract backlog

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Prompt notifications about funding levels

Network integration Cloud data customization


Full Contract Lifecycle Integration with Government Systems


A leading Defense contractor integrated Unison CLM Prime with the federal Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Value Added Network (VAN) to receive orders in ANSI X12 format, convert them to XML, and ingest them into Unison CLM through the CLM web service. In addition, they integrated Unison CLM with Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) to push receiving reports thus allowing them to invoice more correctly and get paid faster.

Process Integrations Cloud Access


Enhanced Deliverable Management


A major Aerospace and Defense contractor configured unique integrations between Unison CLM Prime and Unison CDRL Prime modules to ensure visibility, streamline the business process, and ensure contract deliverables were scheduled and tracked appropriately for both their subcontractors and their federal clients.

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Key features

Unison Integration enables data flow between your contract management system and other enterprise systems or data repositories. 

  • SOA-compliant architecture 
  • Web services follows W3C standards for WSDL, SOAP, and WS-A addressing for authorization 
  • Web services can be configured to accept requests over HTTP, HTTPS, or both 
  • Standard APIs available for loading lists of Employee/Users, Customers, Vendors, and other reference information 
  • SAML capabilities 
  • FedRAMP Moderate Authorized solution

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