Track the proposal process.

Unison Pre-Award captures and validates key information throughout the proposal process, provides an effective and readily auditable OCI vetting and mitigation process, and easily integrates with Salesforce and other CRM systems.

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Explicitly acknowledge terms and conditions to mitigate risk

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Meet critical deadlines with a standard, structured means of working through the proposal process

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Ensure data is accurate and reportable

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Shorten timeline for OCI vetting

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Gain visibility of outstanding proposals and potential revenue

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Save time with an automated approval process accessible via mobile devices

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Key features

Unison Pre-Award is a tool for GovCon contracts professionals to track and coordinate proposals, highlight risk, and provide reporting.

  • OCI vetting to route and record OCI responses
  • E-Folder to quickly jump between proposal and award
  • Standard folder structure for ease of internal auditing
  • Internal task tracking with reminder notifications
  • Pre-award summary with a roll-up of all orders under the vehicle
  • FedRAMP Moderate Authorized solution
  • Standard proposal document creation to capture proposed terms and conditions
  • Clause management with escalation based on risk
  • Pre-defined workflow to ensure compliance with delegation of authority
  • Approval escalation based on dollar value, award type, or other criteria
  • Creation and linking of contract record from proposal record to reuse data

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