Streamline contract management.

Unison Prime streamlines and automates all aspects of managing awards, including comprehensive support at the line-item level, turnkey clause updates and management for FAR, DFARS, and agency supplements, and ready integration with all modern financial systems.

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Fully comply with government reporting requirements

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More accurately and efficiently respond to data calls, including those from Finance, Business Development, Compliance, GSA, DCAA, and DCMA

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Implement an efficient and standardized workflow

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Scale the organization without proportional increases to the size and cost of the Contracts department

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Shift focus to mitigating insidious contracting risks and allowing time for customer relationships

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Retain vital institutional knowledge

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Key features

Unison Prime provides contracts professionals with an intuitive, efficient, integrated approach to accurately, promptly answer data calls and fully comply with FAR/DFARS and agency-specific regulations.

  • Out-of-the-box integration with leading GovCon financial management systems (e.g., Deltek Costpoint)
  • Automation of urgent, tedious, high-volume aspects of FAR/DFARS compliance, data calls, and reporting
  • Central repository of contract documents easily accessible across the organization
  • CLIN/SLIN/ACRN tracking to verify, report, and provide notifications regarding available funding
  • Standard Contract Brief to meet DCAA audit requirements
  • Purpose-built for GovCon and supported by a team with deep domain experience in federal contracting

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