Comprehensive subcontract management.

Unison Subcontracts provides industry leading subcontract flow downs to minimize data entry, maximize data integrity and compliance, deliver must-have CPSR workflows, folder structures, and checklists, and integrate with all modern financial systems.

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Easily locate and audit subcontract file documentations

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Avoid public law violations

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Gain visibility and enforce delegation of procurement authority

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Easily flowdown applicable clauses based on dollar value, award, and procurement type

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Prevent documentation gaps based on subcontracting thresholds and contract types

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Capture data to better forecast revenue

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Proactively track adhering to subcontracting plan goals

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Key features

Unison Subcontracts enables you to capture all subcontract information from proposal to award, modification, and closeout.

  • Ability to create standard company subcontract agreements (CTAs, IWAs, MSAs, etc.) using data fields, line items, clause library, and deliverables list
  • FAR/DFARS definition of flow-down requirements on prime contract to automatically flow-down required clauses and the ability for your organization to make global changes
  • Clause templates to ensure proper inclusion of company standard regulations based on dollar volume of purchase
  • Approval rules to include escalation based on sole/single source, dollar volume, UCAs, high risk clauses, etc.
  • Automated task checklists, configurable based on award type and dollar volume, to capture compliance requirements, such as annual certifications, SAM/EPLS verification, and SMB Certification, enable internal/external auditing, and assist with CPSR requirements
  • FedRAMP Moderate Authorized solution

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