Drive successful Grant Management Reviews.

Unison GMR provides grant management professionals, managers, and executives with a robust, proven approach, utilities, and reports for ensuring reviews are thorough and effective — without requiring weeks of tedious preparation.

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Increase compliance with Federal and agency financial assistance laws and regulations

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Inform agency leadership on where training is needed

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Better understand operations of grant offices

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Improve operational and transactional effectiveness of grant offices

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Key features

Unison GMR offers a robust set of tools to support the activity, from organizing the review through execution and remediation.

  • Workspace(s) based on line of inquiry, review or audit
  • Templates, folder structure, milestones, checklists, security, and notifications
  • Collaboration by various teams (site visit team, file review team, etc.)
  • Associate necessary grants and award folders for review (by region, by type of grant, by $ amount, by multiple criteria, etc.)
  • Agency determines appropriate number of GMR workspace templates to support agency organizational requirements
  • Aggregate findings and create GMR reports for the team to provide as a final output
  • Process for approving GMR at its conclusion

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