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Powerful and intuitive financial assistance system.

Unison PRISM Grants is widely recognized as the most powerful and intuitive financial assistance system. It delivers a robust tool set designed specifically for government programs and manages all aspects of an award, from initial offering and application evaluation through award and post-award management and reporting.

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Fully comply with Federal financial assistance and agency policies

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Avoid duplicate data entry for announcements, evaluation, grant writing, and post-award administration

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Accomplish your paperless office goals including grantee performance reports

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Gain real-time visibility and transparency across the enterprise, including comprehensive audit trails

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Key features

Unison PRISM Grants provides the financial assistance community with an integrated, standard, scalable approach to posting funding opportunities, awarding grants, and managing grantee reports.

  • Fully supports the entire financial assistance lifecycle, including planning, funding opportunity announcement, evaluation, award, post-award management, and closeout
  • Ability to share data across documents – eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Electronic central document repository, which meets paperless documentation and audit mandates
  • Readily integrates with financial management systems and federally mandated systems, including SAM,, and Treasury reporting
  • Guidance based on the type of grant
  • Electronic delivery of award and post-award reporting, such as the SF-425
  • Library of web services enabling integration with any modern peripheral system
  • Extensive support for shared services providers that need different configurations for their different customers
  • Structured maintenance program covering customer care, enhancements, technical support, and regulatory changes
  • Extensive set of standard reports and ad-hoc reporting capability
  • Rule-based user access
  • Workflow and approvals rules
  • E-signature support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Single sign-on PIV/CAC card enabled
  • Proven full and fast Initial Operating Capability (IOC)
  • Compliant with all applicable federal security standards
  • Section 508 compliant

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