Refine your budget estimates and bring your forecasts to life.

Budget analysts have perfected forecasting of personnel compensation and benefits through an objective methodology. Long considered a known unknown risk in financial plans, contract information can now be visualized using Unison’s budget apps. Our budget apps introduce the same level of PC&B forecast sophistication for contract related information that can be gathered across any of today’s industry leading contract writing systems.

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Visualize as a Budget Analyst

Visualize contract information through the lens of a budget analyst in a common appropriation-based structure familiar to the budgeting community.

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Quickly Respond to Data Requests

Swiftly respond to OMB Budget Data Requests (BDR) with the click of a button and view the information graphically and interactively.

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Advanced Forecasting

Know the length of time a contract is forward-funded and introduce this information into financial reviews and future forecasts for out-years.

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Key Features

Unison Budget Apps offer the budget community access to contract related information through the lens of a budgeting structure.

Contract Sub Ledger

  • Offers an instructive view into active and pending procurements during the fiscal year.
  • Strengthens financial reviews, provides for deeper budget-impact analysis, and aids in forecasting EOFY funding.

De-Obligation Notices

  • Provides an expedient and instructive notice of de-obligation at the time of KO action.
  • Identify newly released EOFY funding for possible reprogrammings and transfers.

Procurement Timeline

  • Communicates the current state of active procurements so budget analysts are better equipped to monitor funds control, identify possible unfunded requests, and easily see when incremental funding is needed.

Forward-funded Procurements

  • Enables the budget community to accurately forecast the financial impact of funds availability during out-year planning.
  • Enables budgeteers to monitor funding assignments throughout the FY.

Pipeline Tracker

  • Establishes visibility into upcoming future procurements across multiple fiscal years from initial stages of an acquisition through to final award.
  • Provides budgeteers with out-year funding requirements for the purposes of formulating and planning.

Modules, Apps, and Bots

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Budget analysts constantly juggle execution, formulation, and congressional action simultaneously and with scarce resources to meet mission objectives. Unison’s PBF offloads the burden of looking for information related to changes by centralizing the material in an easier, indexed knowledge base.

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Unison 4Cast provides organizations with an integrated planning method to link aspects of strategy, operations, and budget each year. Designed to create an efficient, sustainable, and repeatable process across the organization with its 5-step process, SCORE.

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Unison’s flagship PRISM module offers a holistic approach to acquisition lifecycle management and is widely recognized as the most powerful and intuitive contract writing system. It enables acquisition professionals to efficiently and effectively complete federal acquisition tasks, in a compliant[...]

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Financial Assistance

Unison’s Financial Assistance suite is constituted by modules that bring together program and Financial assistance professionals to make early-stage planning and collaboration easy and effective.

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