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Budget analysts constantly juggle execution, formulation, and congressional action simultaneously and with scarce resources to meet mission objectives. Unison’s PBF offloads the burden of looking for information related to changes by centralizing the material in an easier, indexed knowledge base.

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One Portal for Entry, Tracking, Changes and Forecasting

Enter budget information once, track and tether changes to the appropriate PBF lifecycles, and forecast future budget year requests based on current year actions.

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Simple Master Table Management

Apply enacted amounts to a simpler-to-use master table management interface that easily and swiftly communicates proposed control numbers, tracks, and manages re-programmings and re-apportionments.

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Decision Support

Record decisions via a decision support framework and associate each decision to the upstream planning and programming lifecycles for flow-through of mission impacts.

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Single Interface for Aggregated Budgetary Resources

View all your aggregated total budgetary resources in a single interface and easily decompose your information by obligation, spending, and budget authorities across any combination of periods of availability.

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Performance Management

Institutionalize performance management through an integrated goal structure that extends strategic objectives, measures, and milestones across all lifecycles with that ability to support multiple hierarchy conventions.

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Key Features

PBF Planning

  • Allows for strategic plans, agency operating plans, information technology resources management plans, annual agency procurement plans, and outlooks 10 years beyond baseline.


PBF Programming

  • Integrates a seamless user interface that easily tracks changes to baseline program requirements and produces a seamless 5-year outlook with the budget and current year of the President’s Budget and execution.


PBF Performance

  • Capitalizes on performance information used to produce the Annual Performance Plan and Report (APP/R) and allows for easy tracking of agency strategic goals, performance goals, cross agency goals, performance measures and milestones.

PBF Budget Formulation & Publication

  • Delivers easy to formulate budgets, including built-ins and program changes from end users program staff through to Departmental leadership for decision making, appeals, budget books, and historical budget tracking.


PBF Budget Execution & Reporting

  • Tracks Congressional Action collected during the budget formulation lifecycle to produce anticipatory spend plans, apportionments, and allotments. Integrates budgetary resources in SF132 into agency FMS.

PBF Forecasting, ETL, Reporting, & Dashboarding

  • Transforms transactional information into meaningful information for every financial and budget managers desktop to derive decisions on where and how to maximize mission impact through an interactive dashboard.


PBF Budget Program Management

  • Provides the single administrative interface for all configuration management and combines the power of a ‘town square’ for all information to be provided to budget, program, and finance analysts to be aware of tasks, assignments, and guidance for all budget related matters.

Modules, Apps, and Bots

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Lean about related modules, robotic process automation tools, and other Unison products that can help you maximize mission success.

Budget Apps

Budget analysts have perfected forecasting of personnel compensation and benefits through an objective methodology. Long considered a known unknown risk in financial plans, contract information can now be visualized using Unison’s budget apps. Our budget apps introduce the same level[...]

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Unison 4Cast provides organizations with an integrated planning method to link aspects of strategy, operations, and budget each year. Designed to create an efficient, sustainable, and repeatable process across the organization with its 5-step process, SCORE.

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Unison’s flagship PRISM module offers a holistic approach to acquisition lifecycle management and is widely recognized as the most powerful and intuitive contract writing system. It enables acquisition professionals to efficiently and effectively complete federal acquisition tasks, in a compliant[...]

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Financial Assistance

Unison’s Financial Assistance suite is constituted by modules that bring together program and Financial assistance professionals to make early-stage planning and collaboration easy and effective.

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