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Simplified RFQ process.

Unison Marketplace saves times for Buyers with a simplified RFQ process that eases regulatory compliance and delivers full documentation on every action.

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Boost efficiency.

By streamlining the procurement process, Buyers increase efficiencies

Improve readiness.

A simplified process and dedicated assistance aids Buyers in improving readiness and reducing PALT

Ease regulatory compliance.

A FAR compliant process reduces frustrations and makes it easy to manage compliance

Refine spend data.

Relevant metrics to your organization are available to help you manage your spend

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Improve transparency.

Leaders are able to view buying behaviors—improving transparency throughout the process

Fulfill small business utilization goals.

Over 90% of contracts awarded through the Marketplace go to Small Businesses year-over-year

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Highlight for your team members the benefits that Unison brings. Download a printer-friendly summary of the Marketplace module for Buyers.

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Key features

Unison Marketplace enables a streamlined acquisition process through strategic sourcing and vendor engagement to obtain real-time, dynamic results.

  • Dedicated account team for every organization
  • Dedicated sourcing team to improve vendor engagement
  • No upfront cost
  • No-risk guarantee
  • Integrated with and
  • FAR compliant procurement process
  • Detailed documentation provided on every buy
  • Compete all GWACs, set-asides, products, and services from one location
  • Leverage various workflows to fit your solicitation needs


Buyer resources.

Explore the Marketplace Buyer getting started resources. Here you will learn how to navigate our new marketplace features. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager.

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We aim to provide our customers with both educational acquisition information and functional insight to the Marketplace on a regular basis.

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Products and services supported.

Unison Marketplace supports a large range of requirements from sunscreen to snowmobiles and elevator inspections to landscaping.

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