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Risk Management



Identify, track, mitigate, and report on mission critical program risks.

Unison Risk Management provides program leaders and subject matter experts a thorough, tractable, proven approach to surfacing, mitigating, and reporting program risks.

Ability to quickly develop and maintain an understanding of the top and emerging risks for the mission, program, and system

Full understanding of the status of validation and mitigation plans

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Elimination of duplicative efforts and rework, particularly preparing for briefings

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Manage realized risks as issues and the associated action plan for those issues

Link to other modules to help automate the surfacing of risks

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Key features

Unison Risk Management is comprised of risk reporting and management workflows compliant with DoD policies and ISO 31000.

  • Based on Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Risk Process
  • Use color-coding to draw attention to most prominent risks
  • Automatically generate risk briefing charts, including risk and issues summaries, risk and issue detail, and risk burndown
  • Maintain a central repository of risks and issues

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