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Program Management: Keeping Projects on Track

Program managers are truly the ultimate user representative. They are responsible for program leadership, risk management, and outcomes advocacy. Program managers are responsible for meeting organizational and financial goals, assessing risk management, aiding team development, and fostering communication. The professional practice of program management is about keeping projects on track. Its structure and practices are designed to make sure that mission goals, mission needs, and mission programs stay on course.

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Get More Done in Less Time with MRA

Are repetitive tasks and tedious research taking up most of your day? Unison’s new tool, Market Research Assistant, uses Robotic Process Automation to speed up your market research process and leave you with more time to focus on the important analysis that only you can do. Think of Market Research Assistant (MRA) as your own personal assistant. Assign it a task, send it off, and get back to the higher-value work on your desk.

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2018 Annual Government Contract Management Symposium (GCMS) Recap

Compusearch had the honor of sponsoring the Government Contract Management Symposium (GCMS) for another year. The two-day symposium consisted of keynote addresses and breakout sessions to provide training to both government and industry contract professionals. GCMS was presented by the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), the largest professional resource for contract management, which helps bring together over 1,000 attendees every year at the conference.

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