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The Option for Options

As we step into the end of FY19, we know there are various types of requirements you may have and that deadlines are quickly approaching. Option Period contracts can be a great way to add value to service contracts throughout the government. While Option Period contracts can be used for both service and supply contracts, the government’s use of Option Periods for services is very common and provides great benefits to the acquisition process.

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Contract Approaches: Planning Today Saves Time Tomorrow

Everyone has their own individual contracting strategy. Nevertheless, the differences between a poor contracting strategy and an ideal contracting strategy are clear.

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The ABCs of BPAs and IDIQs

A Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), or “charge account,” is an “agreement” between the government and a contractor. BPAs are typically used when the government anticipates requirements for supplies or services on a recurring basis or does not know the exact items, quantities, or delivery requirements. The BPA contains pre-negotiated terms and conditions that will apply only if an Order (or “Call”) is placed against the BPA. An Order placed against a BPA obligates funds and forms a contract.

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