FY22 has ended and now Sellers get to take a breather from the hectic bidding and work towards fulfilling the contract(s) they may have been awarded. So, what’s next after you win a contract on Unison Marketplace? It’s easy, and we will help you along the way.

What happens after you award a contract

#1 – The Day of the AwardOnce the Buyer issues an award through Unison Marketplace, we will send you their contact information, a buy summary, and an invoice for the Unison fee.

#2 – End of the Week

We will send you a list of all the awards you have received in the past week. Congratulations!

#3 – Before Delivery

A week before any deliveries are due, we will send you a reminder with information on what is owed to the Buyer.

#4 – When Your Invoice is Ready

60 days after you receive an award, we will remind you that your Unison invoice is due. Not ready to pay? No sweat. Send a note to invoicing@unisonglobal.com and we will work out a payment plan that works for you.

We have a dedicated support team standing by, ready to take your calls should you need any additional support throughout the post-award process. You can find answers to common questions like “How does the Selected Seller Invoice the Buyer?” and “How do I pay the Unison Marketplace Fee?” through our Customer Help Portal, which you can access 24/7.


Call: 1-877-933-3243
Email: MarketplaceSupport@UnisonGlobal.com
Visit: Customer Help Portal


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