There is power in moving in Unison.

Because we work closely with an unrivaled number of leading agencies and prime contractors, we very quickly and clearly see patterns vitally important to our clients. Unison’s software suites turn AI, bot, and NLP technologies into applied innovation—solving real business problems and creating big opportunities for our clients.

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We power 
the business 
of government.

Whether launching satellites in space, protecting soldiers in the field, or serving meals in schools, nothing happens without a contract. We are Unison, a software, data and insights company empowering agencies, program offices, and government contractors throughout their contracting and financial assistance processes.

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Vision and insight.

Our vision is a government that always makes astute, effective decisions, from the line-level to the C-level across federal agencies and their industry partners. Unison’s software suites are powered by our Insight Platform, which brings advanced, unrivaled intelligence, collaboration, and data integrity.


Who we serve.

Our Insight Platform supports four business areas vital to the success of government missions — program managers, the acquisition workforce, financial assistance professionals, and government contractors. Because we serve professionals across the entire business lifecycle of these organizations, we deeply understand and are uniquely able to address each type of customers’ greatest challenges.


Insightful products.

All of the Unison product suites are powered by our Insight Platform that enables Robotic Process Automation and meaningful data-based insights within and across your organization.


Why Unison.

Customers choose and stay with Unison to improve their operations, reduce lead times, and demonstrate compliance through our comprehensive, leading product suites.

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Deep domain experience.

Ongoing innovative service to the federal sector for over 30 years.

icon of people
Large federal footprint.

Over 200,000 users, all 15 cabinet-level agencies, leading federal contractors, and 26 major DoD programs.

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Accuracy and relevancy.

Vital daily analysis of 20,000 federal sources from all major federal publications.

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Cloud and on-premise solutions.

FedRAMP-certified SaaS and ATO-ready on-premise options delivering speed and security.

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FedRAMP certified Unison software, processes, tools, and infrastructure.

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Responsiveness and innovation.

Rapid, user-directed evolution and market-leading innovation.

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Made in the USA.

All Unison software, content development, and support done within the USA.

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Highly configurable, customizable, and agile for adaptation.


By the numbers.

For over three decades, Unison has been a fixture in the Federal program, acquisition, financial assistance and contracting worlds. In that time, we’ve left our mark.

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Over 30 years dedicated to the success of federal agencies and their prime contractors 30
icon of capital dome
Serve all 15 cabinet-level agencies 15
icon of people
Over 200,000 government contractor, defense, intel, and civilian users 200k

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