Careers Work with us.

We invite you to join the Unison team. The goals we set here are lofty, because the work we do here powers the business of government.


The Unison experience.

Whether you are just starting out or ready to advance to the next level in your career, the Unison experience is both challenging and rewarding.

Foundational behaviors

How we work.

Our culture is a reflection of our mission. The following foundational behaviors drive everything we do.

Client service.

See issues from the client point of view and resolve them. Provide exceptional client service.


Shift point of view, schedule to meet unexpected challenges.


Build trust and instill confidence in your reliability and honesty. Understand and operate powerfully with respect to the goal your team seeks to accomplish, what your team is counting on from you, and what your team counts on from everyone else.


Listen to others. Invite and seek input from others. Be sensitive to issues and act with tact.


Carefully and responsibly manage something entrusted to one’s care.


Devotion to client, team, project and Unison.


Act with good judgement without being asked.


Open Positions

Unison offers regular, full-time employees a range of attractive, valuable benefits.  We encourage you to browse our current openings.