Publisher: Compusearch Inc.
Released: July 19, 2018

DULLES, VA – July 19, 2018 – Compusearch, the market leader in software and services to advance commerce and collaboration among government agencies and contractors, announced today that it has launched an enterprise robotic App to automate the federal contract closeout process. This development extends Compusearch’s industry-leading technology with a new wave of cutting-edge solutions targeted at automating the government procurement lifecycle.

The reduction in time spent on the current manual process to closeout Federal contracts will enable acquisition offices and contracting officers to focus on other mission critical needs. In addition, automated closeout reduces tied-up financial obligations and improves accuracy of reporting. A typical federal agency has over 15 percent of its contracts unclosed, with nearly $300M in awards uncommitted – or not properly closed out.

“Each day, contract professionals are tasked with moving, monitoring, and managing the contract lifecycle. This new technology allows those professionals to gain weeks back each year by removing the monotonous steps required today,” said Reid Jackson, Compusearch CEO. “Given how critical closeout is to accurate financial tracking, we wanted to streamline the closeout process to ensure accuracy and timeliness, a historical challenge for many agencies.  This app will finally allow agencies to reduce their backlog of contracts ready for closeout.”

The closeout App is released as part of a wave of Machine Learning robotic Apps Compusearch is launching this year.

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