PRISM Analytics helps you understand your acquisitions and develop the reporting you need

The amount of data we have today is astronomical, to interpret this data accurately and promptly you need the proper tools. Data visualization tools paint a picture of what your statistics mean by giving them visual context through graphs, charts, and maps. Having a visual makes it easier for you to understand and identify patterns, trends, and outliers within complex data sets. Data visualization makes effective and prompt business decisions possible.

What Are the Benefits of Data Visualization?

  • Easily identify the correlations between the relationship of independent variables to make better business decisions
  • Quickly recognize trends over time to make predictions on future performance
  • Act and respond to data inferences quickly and before it is too late


PRISM Analytics Data Visualizations

The days of combing through thousands of lines on a spreadsheet are in the past. PRISM Analytics provides you with a visual summary of your agency’s data to identify patterns and trends quickly. PRISM Analytics is a one-stop-shop for creating seamless and easy-to-understand data visualizations. These easily consumable data visualizations can be used to make astute business decisions.

PRISM Data Analytics Visualizations

With PRISM Analytics You Can:

  • Create dynamic visualizations that update in real time
  • Analyze data utilizing tailored reports and dashboards
  • Empower your acquisition community with new and robust reporting insights
  • Focus on higher value work by automating data report email send cadence via PRISM’s Report Scheduler
  • Utilize no-code customization themes with Theme Manager
  • Control who has access to different Metrics with Security Groups


What Data Visualization Tools Are Available on PRISM Analytics?

  • Bar Chart – numerical values of variables are represented by the height or length of lines or rectangles of equal width
  • Line Chart – information is displayed as a series of data points connected by line segments
  • Pie Chart – a circle is divided into sectors that each represent a proportion of the whole
  • Scatter Plot – points that show the relationship between two sets of data
  • Heatmap Visualization – numerical data points highlighted in light or warm colors indicate whether the data is a high-value or a low-value point
  • Gauge Chart – needles are used to show information as a reading on a dial


PRISM Data Analytics VisualizationPRISM Data Analytics Visualization


Who Can Use PRISM Analytics? 

Anyone can reap the benefits of PRISM Analytics as an end user leveraging Analysis, Author Dashboards or Reports, as no scripting knowledge is required to use these tools. However, running Data Manager requires an understanding of SQL and the structure of the source database. Our recommendation would be to leverage a Unison technical services resource to build the custom tables to satisfy agency reporting needs.

What User Access Security Preferences Does PRISM Analytics Have? 

Each feature within Analytics is controlled by PRISM Security Groups. If a user is granted access to the feature, they will be able to leverage the functionality. Some features such as Data Manager and Theme Editor we would recommend limiting to system administrators.

How Do I Get Started?

PRISM Analytics empowers the acquisition and grant communities with new reporting insights. PRISM Analytics is included with your agency’s PRISM 7.5 subscription. Get the benefit of analytics and reporting now.


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