Concept of electronic signature

PRISM’s Digital Signature function automates the routing of awards for vendor and contracting officer signature through e-mail, eliminating the need to print, wet sign, or scan documents.

Digital Signature supports paperless contracting initiatives and streamlines government-vendor communications. It can also be integrated into your agency’s financial system.

PRISM supports Digital Signature using DocuSign, one of the most widely used E-signature solutions on the market today. DocuSign uses a straightforward process through e-mail and is popular because it is familiar with a low learning curve.

To get digital signature functionality up and running in your instance of PRISM, you need both

  1. A direct subscription with DocuSign
  2. And a subscription to the Docusign integration with PRISM

You can set up a digital signature to turn it on or off at the agency level or set it up on individual sites. Some sites can have it on, while others do not. It can be used for both unilateral and bilateral transactions. When you set up an award, you can indicate whether you want it to go to the vendor for a signature or not.

Once turned on, you can set up a few default settings that will be there when you create your award. Within the award, you can designate if the award is unilateral or bilateral.

Additionally, the Contracts Officer can set an expiration date for how long the package is allowed to be awaiting signature. Then, in the approval process, you can use normal person routing functionality and the digital signature process will kick off automatically after the last node on the route is complete. The order of external approvals for digital signature can be configured at the agency or site level, and there is flexibility to set up different workflow orders between procurement awards and assistance awards.


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