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Do you have questions about product updates? The status of your help tickets? Or are you looking for information about how others navigate a particular issue?

The answers are all in our customer support portal.

Each product/user community has its own portal – such as ACQ Support Portal for acquisition support, FA Support Portal for financial assistance, etc.





Navigating the Homepage:

Log into the specific portal for your needs. Your homepage screen has four tabs: a home tab, a solutions tab, a forums tab, and a tickets tab.

  • Home Tab: The homepage tab is a consolidated view of the solutions and forums tabs. It contains links to submit new tickets and a search functionality.
  • Solutions Tab: The solutions tab contains collections of articles which are published by Unison regarding our software, ranging from recordings of webinars to new product features. The articles summarize the fixes, and new features incorporated into our products with each new release.
  • Forums Tab: The forums tab has our customer driven discussion boards. The forums are broken out into four different categories: product announcements, feature requests, report a problem and, questions, tips, and tricks.
  • Tickets Tab: The tickets tab contains your support tickets for your account, or agency account if you have access. Each ticket has a ticket status to see where we are at in the process with your request. There is also an option to filter and sort your tickets if you have more than one.

Navigating the Search Bar:

The search bar on the home tab contains information from former tickets, release notes, forum posts, and FAQs. When searching, use a series of keywords. This allows you to perform a more robust search than just using a ticket number. Search results include any related tickets as well as additional solution articles. The solution articles might answer your questions, saving you from having to submit a ticket.

What if I Can’t Find What I Need Using the Search Bar?

If you have searched the portal and you can’t find a ticket or a solution article that matches your request, simply create a new support ticket.

Submitting a Ticket:

  1. Fill out the product request type. Specify the product and type of request to the best of your abilities so we can provide you a prompt response.
  2. Complete additional data fields as they appear.
  3. Add a description to your request and any additional details such as: screenshots and attachments.
  4. Press submit and a new ticket will automatically generate.

Feel free to change the information you entered on the ticket at any point.

If you find the answer to your request on your own, or if the issue no longer persists, mark your ticket as closed. Additionally, if a ticket has been closed and you need to re-open the ticket again, you have that option.

How to Use Our Forums:

If you have a question or request that other agencies or users may be curious about, you can create a new topic for discussion under forums.

  1. Click Start a New Topic – As you begin to type, the system will search any related discussions that have already been generated and for any matching criteria.
  2. As related discussions become available to you, view them to see if the discussion topic you are considering writing about already exists.
  3. If you don’t see the topic you want, chose which forum to post on
  4. Write the post
  5. Press submit/save

Once you submit your post, we will review it, and release it to the forum upon approval.

How Do I Sign Up for the Support Portal?

You can either submit a ticket via email, or by clicking the “Sign Up” link on the portal. Note that you must log into the portal to participate in any webinars, solution articles, or forum posts.