Lower Federal Administrative Acquisition Burdens in FY19

Are you interested in gaining oversight of your agency’s purchasing, while decreasing your administrative work?

A new fiscal year is well under way and it is likely you are in the process of preparing or implementing new acquisition plans. You will need to ensure you and your team are crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s to maintain compliance. Does your team have the market leading capability to:

  • …complete the appropriate market research?
  • …apply a socio-economic set-aside to your solicitation, based on your agency’s specific recommendation, if any?
  • …synopsize your solicitation to FedBizOpps for open market requirements, if necessary?
  • …engage vendors of your solicitation to gain competition?
  • …receive the sufficient number of bids for competition?
  • …document every action on your procurement?

According to the GAO, tools like reverse auctions can help to reduce your administrative burdens by allowing contracting officers to award solicitations quickly, while still opening the requirement to multiple vendors— maintaining the required competition in accordance with the FAR.

To help support those efforts, we have drafted a free whitepaper entitled “Lower Federal Administrative Acquisition Burdens in FY19,” which outlines tools resulting in:

  • Shorter PALT
  • Minimized Risk
  • Fuller Compliance
  • Increased Oversight

Click here to learn more by downloading the free whitepaper today!