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Make the Most of SEWP

NASA SEWP is very helpful, but often results in time-consuming, urgent modifications. Learn how to use Unison Marketplace to get the best from SEWP by driving competition, clarifying specifications upfront, and avoiding costs.

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New FAR Rule: Marketplace is Best Value HQ

Unison Marketplace has been honored to support over 400,000 Best Value and LPTA buys for all federal agencies. Given the new FAR rule, acquisition professionals will likely use Best Value Tradeoff source selection methods more frequently. Better understand the new rule with a VAO subject matter expert and a leading acquisition executive.

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Maximizing Competition and Impact

Finally…people will know just how hard Contracting Officers and Contract Specialists work. FAR 13.003 says one must promote competition to the maximum extent practicable, but your workload is already tremendous. Learn how to use Unison Marketplace to negotiate every requirement, impress your program office and supervisors quick and efficiently. As a bonus, learn about a new Marketplace feature that summarizes the positive impact of your work.

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Use SEWP and GSA the Right Way

NASA SEWP and GSA are very helpful as you navigate your purchasing needs, but often result in time-consuming, urgent, painful modifications during crunch times. Learn how you can use Unison Marketplace to get the required vendor competition, avoid last-minute modifications, find vendors beyond SEWP and GSA and reduce prices paid.

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The Four Landmines of Vendor Management

Vendors are vital to national security and the success of every federal program. Join us to learn how to avoid the landmines and reap the benefits of optimal vendor management.

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Play Your P-Cards Right

Government Purchase Cards have been around awhile and most COs understand how they can streamline the procure-to-pay process. That said, there are key benefits and challenges that many have overlooked. Are you getting the best out of P-Cards?

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Products & Services

Products and services supported.

The Marketplace delivers results for a large range of firm-fixed price commodity goods and services contracts from sunscreen to snowmobiles and elevator inspections to landscaping. Here are a few examples of the categories customers use on the Marketplace:


  • Facilities and Operations: Buys range from office furniture and security cameras to promotional items and toilet paper.
  • Heavy Equipment: Some items purchased include skid-steers, cranes and forklifts.
  • Industrial: Sheet metal, hand tools and screws are a few of the common products.
  • Information Technology: IT is the highest volume category. Items range from computers and servers to software licenses and routers.
  • Medical and Laboratory: Buys range from gauze and dental instruments to beds and training equipment.
  • Professional Services: Organizational services sourced range from drug testing and training programs to air duct cleaning.
  • Safety and Tactical: Mission critical supplies are common such as radios, GPS units, and flashlights.
  • Support Services: Specialized services range from janitorial and landscaping to pest control and web-design.


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