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Products & Services

Marketplace Buyer Products & Services Supported

The Marketplace can be utilized for a large range of requirements such as sunscreen to snowmobiles and elevator inspections to landscaping. Here are a few examples of the categories found on the Marketplace:


  • Facilities & Operations Buys range from office furniture and security cameras to promotional items and toilet paper.
  • Heavy Equipment Some items purchased on the Marketplace include skid-steers, cranes and forklifts.
  • Industrial Sheet metal, hand tools and screws are a few of the common products bought on the marketplace.
  • Information Technology IT is the highest volume category on the Marketplace. Items range from computers and servers to software licenses and routers.
  • Medical & Laboratory Buys range from gauze and dental instruments to beds and training equipment.
  • Professional Services Organizational services sourced on the Marketplace range from drug testing and training programs to air duct cleaning.
  • Safety & Tactical Mission critical supplies are often bought on the Marketplace such as radios, GPS units, flashlights and protective gear.
  • Support Services Specialized services range from Janitorial and General Contracting to Pastoral Services and Web-design.


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