The end of the fiscal year is here, and time is passing quickly. We understand that every minute of your time is more precious than the last. To help you put your best foot forward over the next several weeks, we have put together our top tips that have made Buyers successful on Unison Marketplace.

Strategize. Your Unison Account Manager can work with you to determine which of your year-end requirements can be posted to the marketplace (and which should not) and how you can structure your buys successfully.

Ask yourself three questions. Is it a firm-fixed price requirement, can more than one vendor likely offer it, and are post-award modifications minimal?

Take advantage of the Buyer Market Research Tool. Our Marketplace Research Tool will help you better understand how others in the government have solicited it on the Marketplace before and will help you build your buys faster.

Utilize Our Drafting Services. Your Account Management team is standing by, ready to help you draft your requirements on the marketplace so you can quickly get through your workload. Whether utilizing the Draft Buy Builder or reaching out directly to your dedicated point of contact, we are happy to alleviate the manual component of your postings.

Reach Out to Unison. Wondering if you can use the tradeoff source selection method on the Marketplace or get access to a team member’s buys? Your Account Management Team is dedicated to helping you through one-on-one support and they are available WHEN YOU NEED THEM. If you’re not sure who your Account Manager is, find their name and contact information in the top right corner of the marketplace when you log in. Alternatively, you can access your Account Manager through our chat feature which you can find in the bottom right corner of the marketplace.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the latest features available to help you save even more time.

  • A new Buy Tracker allows you to track every stage of your buy in real-time from post to award and everything in between.
  • A comprehensive PDF Package contains Documentation on every action, including the vendors’ attachments, of your buy and can be downloaded in one all-inclusive PDF for easy e-filing.
  • Easily transfer vendor CLIN level pricing into Excel with a download.




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