Boost workforce development.

VAO is a comprehensive workforce development solution that engages acquisition professionals, financial assistance professionals and their peers and boosts their productivity and career potential. VAO includes collaboration and productivity tools, best practices templates, online curricula, and summaries of breaking regulatory and legislative news vital to acquisition and financial assistance professionals.

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Stay apprised of key acquisition initiatives, regulatory changes, and procurement activity

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Improve decision-making and avoid sustained protests, delays, and failed audits

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Assess competency areas, identify best practices to close gaps, and measure progress

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Identify collaborators for an acquisition, find solutions, locate a mentor, and endorse the expertise of peers

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Perform faster and more effective market research

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Achieve required CLP training credits to maintain your warrants

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Engage your workforce, clarify key objectives, promote initiatives, and share news, key dates, mandates, and imminent changes

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Key features

Unison VAO provides a variety of tools, best practices, education, and resources to acquisition and financial assistance professionals.

  • Delivery of must-see news on a daily basis
  • Integrated guidance sourced from the VAO research institute and collective insight from professionals in the VAO community
  • CLP-earning opportunities comprised of current, market-leading online courses, publications, and news
  • Acquisition-capabilities assessments and benchmarking
  • Social learning and collaboration space
  • Custom research inquiries
  • Professional, customizable portal for senior leadership communications
  • Leadership Hub includes SPE profiles with pictures, top priorities, important dates, and direct reports’ contact information; The latest news about the FAR, DFARS, supplements, The Hill, the Administration, OFPP, and protests; A comprehensive framework with intuitive guidance that complements agencies’ policy teams and directives

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