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Engage your workforce.

Unison Leadership Hub enables acquisition leaders to engage their teams and call attention to key initiatives, policy changes, and important dates with a centralized location for salient, current guidance, training, and news.

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Frequently engage with your team on key initiatives, policy changes, and important dates

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Empower your workforce to make good decisions by providing them with salient, current guidance and training

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Unify your agency with a centralized, secure location for policies, communication, and collaboration

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Key features

Unison Leadership Hub offers a modern, compelling, and secure interface composed of configurable tiles.

  • SPE profiles with pictures, top priorities, important dates, and direct reports’ contact information
  • The latest news about the FAR, DFARS, supplements, The Hill, the Administration, OFPP, and protests
  • A comprehensive framework with intuitive guidance that complements agencies’ policy teams and directives
  • Tools and training to help program offices and acquisition professionals collaborate earlier, more often, and more effectively
  • Dynamic list of trending 1102 news and resources
  • An easily navigated repository of pressing guidance and directives
  • Highlights of 1102s and other team members who have taken extraordinary steps to pursue the mission
  • A secure FedRamp certified cloud environment

Coming Soon:

  • A leading edge, immersive experience enabling new 1102s to figure out “what’s next” at any point during any type of acquisition
  • A secure platform for acquisition professionals to search each other’s profiles and find expert guidance, along with discussion groups and rewards for being contributing members

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