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Contract Lifecycle Management


Data calls and audits made easy.

Unison CLM, a FedRAMP Moderate Certified solution, provides contracts professionals an intuitive, efficient, integrated approach to accurately, promptly answer data calls and fully comply with FAR/DFARS and agency-specific regulations.

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Accurately and promptly address the heavy flow of urgent data calls from federal customers, auditors, and executives.

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Mitigate insidious contracting risks with enhanced visibility and a better understanding of FAR/DFARS and agency-specific regulations.

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Implement an efficient, standardized workflow to enable scalability of contracts under management without proportional increases to the size and cost of the contracts department.

Conquer CMMC Challenges

As Contracts Leaders, it’s important to understand your company’s latest progress with CMMC. Access integrated capabilities in Unison CLM to support the relevant technical requirements within the new CMMC model.

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Contract Lifecycle Management toolkit.

Unison CLM provides comprehensive support to contract professionals from pre-award through subcontract flow-downs. CLM integrates easily with standard CRM and financial tools creating a consistent view of contract data.


Pre-Award captures and validates key information throughout the proposal process, provides an effective and readily auditable OCI vetting and mitigation process, and easily integrates with Salesforce and other CRM systems.

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Prime streamlines and automates all aspects of managing awards, including comprehensive support at the line-item level, turnkey clause updates and management for FAR, DFARS, and agency supplements, and ready integration with all modern financial systems.

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Subcontracts provides industry leading flowdown capability to minimize data entry, maximize data integrity and ensure compliance, deliver must-have CPSR workflows, folder structures, and checklists, and integrate with all modern financial systems.

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CDRL Prime

CDRL Prime provides contractors with an intuitive, highly automated, end-to-end approach to effectively manage data deliverables as a prime or subcontractor to include supplier data deliverables.

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Integration complements CLM’s SOA-compliant web services methods, providing mapping, queuing, and logging capabilities that accelerate and enhance integration options, especially for customers who want to avoid middleware licensing costs.

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Advanced Connector

Unison’s Advanced Connector provides enhanced integration capabilities between Unison CLM and other enterprise systems, including financial systems, sales, and opportunity tracking systems, business intelligence technologies, as well as automated purchasing and electronic signature solutions.

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Data Migration

Unison Data Migration (DM) solution dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to move headers, clauses, line items, and supporting documents into CLM.

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FARclause provides tools to help you comply with the FAR. Extract clauses from RFPs and contracts, validate dates, analyze risk, and generate mandatory flow down clauses relevant to your subcontractors.

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Align finance, program and BD expectations, quickly and accurately respond to data calls, minimize frustration, and avoid painful audits. clm


Who uses Contract Lifecycle Management.

Professionals from Contracts, Procurement, Compliance, Finance, BD, and Program Operations make better decisions faster with help from the CLM Suite.

Contract executives, managers, and specialists

Automate the tedious aspects of their jobs so they can focus on strategic work with colleagues and customers.

Finance and compliance professionals

Validate financial forecasts, reduce DSO, and mitigate enterprise, department, and career risks.

BD and Program Operations teams

Find optimal contract vehicles, easily find and leverage past performance records, and inform customer communications about funding, deliverables, and key modifications.


Client Success.

Hear what Unison CLM customers are saying and see how they have succeeded with Unison CLM.

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Unison CLM provides an intuitive, efficient, and integrated approach to answering data calls and fully complying with FAR/DFARS and agency-specific regulations."

- Director of Contracts, Global 500 Aerospace & Defense Company

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Unison CLM streamlines our contracts business and allows our employees to focus on items that matter."

- Scott Ledford, Contracts Analyst, Frontier Technology, Inc.

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