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Cost Engineering


Proven. Data-driven. Rapid. Model-Based Cost Engineering.

Develop defensible, fact-based cost estimates. Unison Cost Engineering provides the framework, models, and data required for accurate, on-time estimates.

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Streamline the process from data to basis-of-estimate using an integrated suite of applications.

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Minimize uncertainty by dynamically linking your technical solution to cost, schedule, and uncertainty estimates.

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Automatically generate hundreds of critical development, production, and O&S decision support metrics such as T1 cost, unit production cost, and cost/flight hour.

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Build complex estimates in weeks, not months, and make changes in requirements in minutes, not days, with a highly optimized mathematical modeling application designed for performance.

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Create linkage between relevant historical data and predictive models to improve estimation accuracy.

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Report and retain data and history from each estimate, including SME notes, cost estimating relationships, historical data points, sensitivity, and hours by activity and resource over time.

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The Economics of Defense: Navigating Through Pentagon Procurements

Government contractors are losing business to one of their most prominent and reliable clients due to misjudged cost estimations and project uncertainties, resulting in financial underperformance. Uncover the challenges of miscalculating project lifecycle estimates.

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Modules, Apps & Bots

Cost Engineering Toolkit

Dynamically link cost, schedule, and uncertainty to technical requirements, including analysis, design, implementation, and verification. Leverage predictive power delivered through an integration framework, supervised predictive models, data analytics, cost element mapping, and enterprise data integration to provide total lifecycle estimation.


Produce activity-based estimates of cost, schedule and uncertainty using TruePlanning integrated framework with validated, predictive models for a standard, repeatable model-based cost engineering process based on the organization and technical solution being produced.

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Cost Engineering Models

Benefit from supervised, predictive models validated by a dedicated research team to give leadership more confidence in program decisions. Unique, powerful technology derived from the study of data, information, and knowledge for decades gives faster decisions with less risk.

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Delivers expertise, best practices, and research-driven technology to estimate cost, schedule, and uncertainty. CE


Who uses Cost Engineering

Government contractors, commercial organizations, and federal governments use Unison’s research-driven technology to estimate cost, schedule, and uncertainty.

A&D Government Contractors

Harness model-based cost engineering, predictive analytics, and process integration to speed up timelines, learn from your historic data to inform future projects and defend your project Lifecycle estimates.

Commercial Organizations

Leverage your historical data and expertise for enterprise-wide process integration, quickly and accurately. Our solutions can be implemented from the top down to standardize the way your various departments and locations generate and talk about estimates—spanning Target Costing to IT Services Budgeting.

Federal Government

Benefit from the extensive research and libraries of data-driven models that estimate the resource requirements, cost, and schedule for government programs. Combine predictive analytics with activity-based costing, to provide analysts and decision makers visibility into the true drivers of cost, schedule, uncertainty, and risk. Harness our research or incorporate your own historical data through calibration to reflect your agency's and contractors’ historical performance.

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Sikorsky is powered by Cost Engineering

“…provides an important view of program costs over time so planned costs can be adjusted to comply with budgets.”

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