Cost Engineering

Cost Engineering Models



Work smarter, not harder. 

Benefit from supervised, predictive models validated by a dedicated research team to give leadership more confidence in program decisions. Unique, powerful technology derived from the study of data, information, and knowledge for decades gives faster decisions with less risk. 

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Benefit from a cost template library of more than 300 ready-to-use models/templates in 18 product categories.

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Start a project quickly, with validated models, supervised inputs, and metric calculations included in the cost objects.

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Create defendable estimates with enhanced data transparency by sharing notes and details about engineering cycle change orders.

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Learn from cost research validation and analysis based on 40+ years of industry data, interviews, and theory (learning curves).

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Report outputs of cost, schedule, and risk analysis with activity-based models.

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Model single components to System-of-Systems quickly, without sacrificing credibility or defensibility.

Key features

Leverage decades of historical data and cost research enhancements and validated, model-based cost engineering models to create repeatable, defendable, and transparent estimates.

  • Instantly recalculate schedule with any changes to inputs to understand the cost impact of schedule compression or expansion. 
  • Enhance raw corporate data with cost estimation relationship (CER), validated by the analysis of mathematical data of historical cost drivers. 
  • Establish trust between the project decision makers and across business lines with detailed reporting and data transparency. 
  • Reduce inputs to the most important or impactful for each cost object type using a simple estimate sheet. 
  • Start estimating out of the box with the prescriptive, predictive models for accurate cost engineering validation. 
  • Determine the product costs from similarities between known variants and the product being estimated. 
  • Acquire a wide array of catalogs of authenticated models – hardware, microcircuits, software, IT & networks, systems, lifecycle, and others.  
  • Reduce inputs to the most important or impactful for each cost object type using a simple estimate sheet. 
  • Seamless integration of best practices into cost estimating processes for aeronautics, space, government, and commercial programs. 

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