Cost Engineering




Improve program planning, decisions, and outcomes. 

Produce activity-based estimates of cost, schedule and uncertainty using TruePlanning integrated framework with validated, predictive models for a standard, repeatable modelbased cost engineering process based on the organization and technical solution being produced.

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Rapidly model technology solutions regardless of size or complexity.

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Establish trust between the project key players with detailed reporting and data transparency.

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Easily generate credible cost estimates over predicted or prescribed schedules including uncertainty analysis.

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Estimate development, production and O&S dynamically tied to the technical solution.

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Support process improvements for (and not limited to) Bid No-Bid, ROM, PRICE to Win, budgeting and planning, AoAs, and more.

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Consolidate the process from data exploration to Basis-of-Estimate documentation.

Key features

Streamline the estimation process with a suite of applications that represent historical cost benchmarks as calibrated predictive models.

  • Manage and analyze data to create, organize, and incorporate fact-based findings using your program’s historical data. 
  • Automatically generate critical decision support metrics such as T1 cost, unit production cost and cost/flight hour. 
  • Overcome the challenge of identifying and comparing common data elements by automatically aligning estimate results with formats including CES, WBS, OBS, or other map. 
  • Enable the sharing of standardized information throughout the lifecycle across an organization – engineering, business development, finance, and project management. 
  • Access research-driven and field-tested cost objects that include validated models, supervised inputs, and metric calculations.
  • Choose from 300+ project templates to provide standardized model-based cost engineering structure as a fact-based starting point. 
  • Configure and export your estimate into a Basis-of-Estimate report —documenting all activities and resources, percentage labor assigned, labor hours and cost. 
  • Quickly search your past estimates, raw data sets, calibration libraries, component libraries, assembly libraries or other data source. 
  • Keep documentation with the estimate to detail anything required to reproduce the estimate including SME input sheets and technical specifications. 
  • Instantly recalculate the uncertainty analysis with any change to uncertainty inputs (value, optimistic, pessimistic). An uncertainty report and S-Curve chart are dynamically generated. 
  • Interconnect relationships between the parent/child object communicate with parents and the framework. 

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