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Financial Assistance


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Financial assistance professionals strive to pursue their missions among a host of complex, shifting, sometimes overwhelming forces.  Unison enables management of extensive evaluation criteria that often arrive in batches.  Unison facilitates candidate vetting and streamlines the assistance process while ensuring compliance with regulations and policies.

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Easily execute and manage federal grants, while fully complying with regulatory standards.

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Efficiently compete grants in a timeframe that supports the needs of the mission programs.

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Gain visibility and oversight of grant recipients and programs.

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Implement a paperless process within your agency and the grantee community.

Wisely plan and provide financial assistance that results in maximum impact and fully documented results. fa


Financial Assistance toolkit.

Unison’s Financial Assistance suite is constituted by modules that bring together program and Financial assistance professionals to make early stage planning and collaboration easy and effective.  The modules streamline grants, performance monitoring and closeout and use the latest workgroup technology to make correspondence with candidates and grantees easy and auditable.  The suite even provides Financial assistance professionals the latest best practices and powerful templates and tools.

PRISM Grants

PRISM Grants is widely recognized as the most powerful and intuitive financial assistance system. It delivers a robust tool set designed specifically for government programs and manages all aspects of an award, from initial offering and application evaluation through award[...]

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Unison Insight uses the latest data-mining, AI, and RPA technologies to give acquisition teams powerful reporting and analytical capabilities.

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FedConnect provides contract and financial assistance professionals a secure, full-lifecycle, auditable approach to interacting with vendors/grantees and complying with Paperless Contracting mandates.

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VAO is a comprehensive workforce development solution that engages acquisition professionals and their peers and boosts their productivity and career potential. VAO includes collaboration and productivity tools, best practices templates, online curricula, and summaries of breaking regulatory and legislative news[...]

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The U.S. Department of Energy is powered by Unison.

The U.S. Department of Energy ensures America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.



Who Uses Financial Assistance.

Financial assistance professionals in leading cabinet level agencies rely on Unison’s Acquisition suite.

Financial assistance professionals

Use the suite to plan their days, formulate assistance plans, grant and manage awards, meet training requirements, boost career potential, and remain current with key regulatory and legislative changes.

Senior financial assistance executives, financial assistance managers, and career managers

Engage and collaborate with their teams.

Program office staff, particularly functional and technical experts and PMs

Collaborate with financial assistance professionals - particularly during the planning and candidate selection processes.

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