Smarter planning for better real-world results.

Unison 4Cast provides an intuitive managed service solution that facilitates end-to-end planning to support informed decisions that align with business goals.

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Fosters sustainability—deliver structure and guidance to advance long-term strategic priorities and monitor execution of objectives and budgets.

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Optimize operations, reduce risks, and set a scalable foundation with an integrated planning method, SCORE.

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Easily includes analytics to track your planning, and provide reports every step of the way.

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Manage finances and budgetary constraints more effectively with a repeatable process.

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Saves time and resources by simplifying the preparation and planning process for fiscal staff.

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Automates the creation of a single organization-wide view of all departmental plans and budget requests.

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Key Features

Unison 4Cast provides leadership with a modern, web-based business planning solution specifically designed to align strategy, operations, and resources.

  • Support centralized and de-centralized planning.
  • Monitor resource requests that align with strategic goals and tactical objectives.
  • Configure multiple funding sources with no limit to the number of sources. Any individual budget line item can be allocated to a funding source or split among multiple.
  • Generate reports and graphs to enable executives and departments to assess progress and make informed decisions.
  • Develop informed decisions at various departmental levels with modules for Planning, Monitoring, Administration, and Reporting.
  • Track financial performance with a monitoring platform that aggregates data from across the organization.
  • Web-based solution with 24/7 availability, support, and a simple interface for a user-friendly experience.
  • Validate data to verify accuracy and consistency throughout the planning process.
4Cast powering the strategic planning for the VA

Unison 4Cast has been successfully implemented in over 32 VAMCs and across 6 VISNs with 2,100+ users today.

Modules, Apps, and Bots

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Lean about related modules, robotic process automation tools, and other Unison products that can help you maximize mission success.


Budget analysts constantly juggle execution, formulation, and congressional action simultaneously and with scarce resources to meet mission objectives. Unison’s PBF offloads the burden of looking for information related to changes by centralizing the material in an easier, indexed knowledge base.

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Budget Apps

Budget analysts have perfected forecasting of personnel compensation and benefits through an objective methodology. Long considered a known unknown risk in financial plans, contract information can now be visualized using Unison’s budget apps. Our budget apps introduce the same level[...]

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Unison’s flagship PRISM module offers a holistic approach to acquisition lifecycle management and is widely recognized as the most powerful and intuitive contract writing system. It enables acquisition professionals to efficiently and effectively complete federal acquisition tasks, in a compliant[...]

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Financial Assistance

Unison’s Financial Assistance suite is constituted by modules that bring together program and Financial assistance professionals to make early-stage planning and collaboration easy and effective.

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