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Program Management


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Managing programs has never been more difficult. Program teams are being asked to, “Do more with no more.” Regulators, auditors, and senior executives increasingly expect full and structured information at their fingertips. The Unison Program Management Suite enables your team to easily manage CDRLs and configurations, track and mitigate risks, monitor budget and assess scheduling impacts.

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Protect program funding from losses or overruns by giving the team visibility into the status of commitments and obligations.

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Make it easy to understand scheduling dependencies to prevent costly delays from spreading to downstream milestones and related activities.

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Provide monitoring and mitigation plans to keep insidious, “high velocity” risks from becoming crushing issues.

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Avoid last minute, extensive delays as the team waits for awards and modifications and spends additional weeks gradually detailing requirements.

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Provide the program team visibility into due dates for review and approval and, as a result, avoid delays in government payments to contractors.

Hazard Icon for Risk

Prevent the dangerous - or at best costly to resolve - variance between baseline designs, revised designs, and the designs being used in development

Easily manage CDRLs, CM, schedules, financials, and risk to prevent administrative snags from festering into big, costly, and dangerous program delays. pm


Program Management toolkit.

Unison PM Modules provide comprehensive support.  Ensure that requirements are being fully met, deliverables are on time and under budget, that risks are mitigated.


CDRL provides data management professionals an intuitive, highly automated, end-to-end approach to effectively managing contract data submissions.

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CM provides Configuration Managers with a comprehensive approach to configuration identification, change control, audits, status accounting – fully integrated with the ability to process contractor deliverables and collaborate with the program office.

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Program Insight Platform

Program Insight Platform enables program, technical and acquisition leaders to effectively collaborate resulting in aligned expectations and complete, accurate documents and reports.

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Risk Management

RM provides program leaders and subject matter experts a thorough, tractable, proven approach to surfacing, mitigating, and reporting program risks.

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FMS provides PEO and PMO leaders with an efficient, compliant approach to managing Foreign Military Sales.

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Financials provides program leaders and program control staff an intuitive, interactive view of budget, requirements, commitments, and obligations.

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Schedule provides program leaders, program control, and project managers an executive level view of progress toward milestone dates, critical path, and potential delays.

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Document Management

DM provides all program staff ready access to the documents they are permitted to see, along with messaging and collaboration features that make editing safe and easy.

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Predator is powered by Unison.

The Medium Altitude Unmanned Aircraft System (MAUAS) division manages all aspects of the Air Force’s Predator and Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles. Predator performs critical surveillance, reconnaissance missions, and hunter missions, making it a vital asset for the war on terrorism.



Who uses Program Management.

Program offices with missions vital to national security, health, and well being use Unison’s Program Management suite.

Program managers, deputy program managers, and program control staff

Understand, control, and report on funding, schedule, scope, and risk.

Configuration managers and engineers

Ensure quality and timeliness by establishing baselines and assessing and managing changes.

Data managers and acquisition professionals

Avoid delays and costs resulting from missing CDRL submissions, reviews, and approvals.

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