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Here at Unison Marketplace, we understand the ever-changing needs of our Buyers. We also understand that 1102s have a variety of procurement requirements that need to be met on a real time basis.

“The Unison Marketplace is an online marketplace that assists buyers in purchasing goods and services needed to fulfill procurement strategies,” said David Neal, contracting officer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Omaha District in an article published in Defense Visual Information Distribution Service on July 22, 2020. The Marketplace is your one-stop shop to support your large range of requirements for both products and services.

Approximately 75 federal agencies and many other public and private organizations are currently buying on the Unison Marketplace and you should be as well. With Unison Marketplace expect to regain control of your workload during the next budget surge, improve your readiness, ease regulatory compliance, refine spend data, improve transparency, and fulfill your small business utilization goals.

Regain control:

  • Our tool allows one platform to handle your firm fixed price actions with a simplified request for quote process.
  • Unison enables a simplified acquisition process through strategic sourcing and vendor engagement to obtain real-time, dynamic results. For example, in fiscal year 2018, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed 37 purchases on the Unison Marketplace with the reverse auctioning tool according to David Neal.
  • Another perk is each agency has a dedicated account team who will support you achieving your procurement goals.

Improve readiness:

  • A simplified process and dedicated assistance aids Buyers by significantly improving readiness and reducing PALT.
  • Our full-service sourcing team, backed by our seller network of over 120,000 vendors, is ready to help you find competition on requirements to improve readiness while giving you the best possible service.

Ease regulatory compliance:

  • Ask us about our new guided workflows for new 1102s or purchase card holders

Refine spend data:

  • Relevant metrics to your organization are available to help you manage your spend.
  • We provide robust documentation detailing vendor information on Marketplace for easy e-filing.

Improve transparency:

  • Leaders have insight into buying behaviors—improving transparency in a telework and geographically dispersed environment.

Fulfill small business utilization goals:

  • Over 85% of contracts awarded through the Marketplace went to Small Businesses in FY20.
  • Ask us about the various socio-economic set-aside communities on the Marketplace.

With Unison Marketplace, Buyers gain access to an innovative platform that saves time, money, and helps meet agency small business utilization goals.

Contact Unison for rapid onboarding today to learn more about what the Marketplace can do for you and your agency at