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Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by a lack of connectivity between systems you use every day to manage BI, contracts, and finance? System integration is critical when it comes to reducing time spent on repetitive and manual tasks and freeing up your IT resources. Integrating your systems helps you scale your business for the future as well as drastically increase productivity. It also makes sure that you get more accurate results, when data moves cleanly between systems.

Once you integrate your systems with Unison’s Advanced Connector you will see a boost in the speed of information flows and reduced operational costs. Unison’s Advanced Connector provides enhanced integration capabilities between Unison CLM and other enterprise systems, including financial systems, sales, and opportunity tracking systems, business intelligence technologies, as well as automated purchasing and electronic signature solutions. Advanced Connector ensures that information is passed easily between Unison CLM and your other critical systems. Unison AC works with all leading cloud service providers.


“Integrations with financial systems are mission critical. The Advanced Connector is powered by Talend, the clear leader for integration between Contracts and financial systems.” Brock Lending, Chief Technology Officer at Unison

Using multiple application platforms without integrating them can lead to issues that will slow down your business. Storing data in multiple locations can open up your company to security risks and data breaches. You also run the risk of not being able to analyze data properly when it comes from multiple platforms. Issues with data flow and systems integration means information can easily get lost or misinterpreted. Contractual and financial data are critical to the success of your business. Unison Advanced Connector offers standard integration capabilities to enable data flows between CLM and other enterprise systems or data repositories allowing you to “enter data once, use everywhere.” 

Not connecting your systems can also result in a loss of productivity. Employees will waste time fetching data and switching between systems resulting in reduced employee productivity and revenue loss. In addition, tasks may need to be done multiple times on different platforms even after the data is transferred. 

Integrating your CLM with your financial and Bi systems has many advantages. It enables your company to maintain a stable and precise data flow while reducing you margin of error. Integrated systems increase employee effectiveness while providing you with real-time accurate results and data. Integration can reduce costs by preventing rework and duplication. Integrated systems are essential if you want to advance in your industry and stand apart from your competition.  

Unison’s Advanced Connector (AC) ensures that integration between Unison CLM and leading financial systems and other enterprise tools is comprehensive, safe, quick, and affordable. The Advanced Connector supports the full range of project numbering conventions and work breakdown structures, so the Contracts team can modernize without limiting the flexibility that Finance needs. The Advanced Connector even supports GovCons with multiple instances of different types of financial systems. 

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