Source: Unison Marketplace Launches New Automation Capabilities and User-Friendly Features to Save Contracting Officers’ Hours of Work (

Unison Marketplace partnered with its customers to understand the challenges 1102s experience throughout the acquisition lifecycle and developed new easy-to-use features to save buyers hours on market research and documentation.

DULLES, Va., July 13, 2023 —Unison, a leading provider of software solutions and insights in government acquisitions, has released new features for its Marketplace suite. Unison Marketplace is an all-encompassing online acquisition platform that assists Buyers in purchasing the goods and services needed to fulfill their procurement strategies. These new features’ purpose is to make buying easier for federal professionals—saving hours of work with an improved request for information (RFI) and Sources Sought workflows for faster, more comprehensive market research, a new contract line item number (CLIN) price comparison tool, and automation of the DoD Abstract of Quotes document.

Marketplace has made conducting RFIs and Source Sought Notices easier with the ability for buyers to identify non-priced CLINs, establish clear RFI labels for vendors searching Marketplace opportunities, and the Unison Sourcing Team alerting vendors to the opportunities. The system will post the RFI/Sources Sought to the government point of entry, the System for Award Management (SAM) Contract Opportunities. The new workflow makes it easy to transition the RFI into an RFQ or RFP, saving buyers the hassle of reentering information while maintaining the chronology, Q&A, and vendor interest list.

The CLIN Price Comparison Tool has made it simple and fast to compare vendor pricing and capabilities when reviewing quotes on the Marketplace. Users can now effortlessly compare seller bids side-by-side or customize to select specific information for comparison in an Excel document.

The ability to quickly download this document is critical for DoD organizations entering the government’s busy buying season and is a fresh complement to the Marketplace PDF Buy Package—which documents all actions within the competition process, including vendor offers (now with all attachments embedded), vendor SAM information, pricing competition graphic and more.

June 5th marked the new features’ production release, and users have already expressed the ease of use and time-saving capabilities.

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